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Virgo Zodiac Skull Series Memento Mori Coin - 1 oz Copper Round

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Virgo Zodiac Skull Series Memento Mori Coin - 1 oz Copper Round

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) is featured in the SkullCoins Zodiac Memento Mori Series. Made of .999 fine copper, these rounds are created using a hand-applied antique finish while featuring a high-relief design to enhance the expert detail and art.


• 1 oz of .999 fine Copper.
• Encapsulated
• Signed certificate of authenticity.
• Limited mintage of 2,000 rounds
• Obverse: Virgo, here represented by the Virgin (invoking qualities, such as modesty and humanity) is depicted staring into the distance. Virgo has many myths, often viewed as a virgin maiden associated with wheat and harvest.
• Reverse: Pentagram made of bones with the text "MEMENTO MORI" (Latin for "remember that you must die").
• Engraved edge with serial number matching the certificate of authenticity

Memento Mori objects are meant to serve as artistic visual reminders of the frailty of life, specifically how our time is numbered, in conjunction with a Zodiac theme.

The concept of "memento mori" reflects the vanity of earthly life and is meant to remind us of the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.

Each round is hand antique finished, clear coated, numbered and encapsulated in a custom capsule with a numbered COA to match.

*NOTE: Artwork is for demonstration purposes only.*

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